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mission and vision

DIPP Recognized Startup

VIVALYF INNOVATIONS PVT. LTD. is a Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) recognized Startup under StartUp India Scheme of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, working in the domain of Healthcare & Lifesciences and Healthcare Technology.

Our Mission

VIVALYF Innovations with respect, compassion, courage and integrity, honors the individuality and confidentiality of our customers, employees and community, and is progressive in anticipating and providing future medical technology / health care services.

We are here to provide innovative methods in healthcare and medical technology services with insistence from our customers and to apply the new technological accomplishments for customer-centric care that meets the highest standards.

Recognising that today's research and innovation are vital to the growth and development of tomorrow’s healthcare, we at VIVALYF Innovations are dedicated to innovate and provide quality products/ services with expertise to all customers in need of healthcare while being committed to overall health and well being.

Our Vision

VIVALYF Innovations Envisions becoming one of the world’s leading companies bringing the combination of science and technology together to improve the way the world works, and lives by providing product and service for our society by exceeding expectations through our commitment with disruptive innovations in Healthcare and Medical technology.

Our Core Values


We maintain the elevated standards of professional and ethical behaviour, honesty and transparency in our communications, relationships and actions. We speak and act honest, and have the confidence to challenge and to be challenged.


We always hold ourselves accountable for the lasting results and quality of our work and for the commitments we make to our customers, partners and investors and other stakeholders.


We address our work with humility, recognising the value each and every person brings, we listen, we care and we follow through.We value for the people who they are, their ideas and perspectives they bring. We build caring and sustainable relationships with the individuals we serve and within our teams and communities.


We learn from our mistakes and we strive to be better everyday. We enthusiastically share and support ideas and support each other to grow and develop. We work to improve and uplift more people’s lives.


We are enthusiastic to share our knowledge and learnings for the benefit of all, we do actively engage with our community and stay transparent in decision making. Each of us take responsibility for our own decisions, actions and care about our impact on others.


We provide, out of the way customer service, strive for innovative team outcomes for the better enhancement of our community and step up to lead where we recognize an opportunity for furtherance


Commitment to common vision based on open communication while showing concern, support and encouragement for one another and this includes working together to resolve conflict and lend a hand to whomever or wherever the help is needed.

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