We empower Scientific Discovery to accelerate & Transform personalized Health Care with High Quality Testing Clinical Trial Matching Deep Research Data

We empower Scientific Discovery to accelerate &
Transform personalized Health Care with
High Quality Testing Clinical Trial Matching Deep Research Data

Who are we?

We are a team of Health-Care Industry Experts and Provisioners
Providing with easier, more Convenient, and faster Access Solutions

VIVALYF INNOVATIONS PVT. LTD. is a Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) recognized startup working in the domain of Healthcare & Life Sciences and Healthcare Technologies under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s StartUp India Scheme.Values, communication, and trust are the foundations of our core ethics and principles. We are sympathetic to the consequences of our decisions and actions.

Meet Our Team

Duvvuru Varshitha

A Biotechnology graduate with a strong interest in R&D, Design Thinking, and hardware prototyping. Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Innovation are among her areas of interest. She is passionate about changing people’s lives and assisting them in living a better and happier life. She is an inquisitive learner who does a lot of exploring and is passionate about addressing real-world problems. She is always looking for new challenges to tackle creatively.

Vimal Kumar R N

Vimal Kumar is an electronics engineer who is dedicated to combining new science and technology to address the world’s most pressing problems and develop appropriate solutions. He is enthusiastic about electrical design, innovation management, and medical and healthcare technologies. He thinks almost every day about utilizing technology to make health care and Medicare, more engaging and accessible.

Following our company’s vision, purpose, and core principles with the proper talents, relevant experience, and quantifiable achievements make up our

Advisory board

Deepak Sapra

CEO-Pharmaceutical Sciences & API at Dr.Reddy's

Scientific Advisor

V. Bhanu Prakash Reddy

Director of GrayLogic Tech. Pvt. Ltd, Managing Director & CEO of Beenfield Consultancy

Strategic Partner & Business Advisor

Ratheesh Krishnan

Head of Experiments &New Ventures at SPI Groups & TEDxChennai

Growth and Impact Advisor

Dr. Jaisimha Reddy

CARE Group of Hospitals, Hyderabad

Medical Advisor Endocrinologist

Chenna R. Rayudu

Co-founder and CEO INFOSPOKE

Business Advisor

Dr. Guruswamy Rajaram

Ex-Dean and Professor of Electronics. University of Hyderabad

Technical Advisor

Santhosh Mehra

Partner at Mehra & Jain Chartered Accountants. Cofounder of Gyaan Professional Academy

Financial Advisor

Dr. Mozam

Sunshine Hospital & Mozam Clinic

Medical Advisor

Our Vision

VIVALYF Innovations Envisions becoming one of the world’s leading companies bringing the combination of science and technology together to improve the way the world works, and lives by providing products & services for our society by exceeding expectations through our commitment to disruptive innovations in Healthcare and Medical technology. Recognizing the importance of today’s research and innovation in the growth and development of tomorrow’s healthcare, we at VIVALYF Innovations are committed to innovating and providing quality products/services with expertise to all customers in need of healthcare, while also being committed to overall health and well-being

Our Mission

We’re here to provide cutting-edge healthcare and medical technology services in response to customer demand, as well as to apply new technological advancements to provide customer-centric care that meets the highest standards. We inspire and enrich people’s lives by participating in their serious needs and challenges. We want to increase the value of our company by creating safe and effective products that address people’s needs and challenges in order to make their lives, easier and healthier. Our first priority is to innovatively conceptualize adaptive testing and diagnosing procedures in order to exceed customer expectations by delivering affordable and integrated experience to every individual in need! Easing The Life they need.

Our Core Values

With respect, compassion, courage, and integrity, VIVALYF honors the individuality and confidentiality of our customers, employees, and community, and is progressive in anticipating and providing future medical technology/health care services

  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Growth
  • Openness


In our communications, relationships, and actions, we maintain high professional and ethical standards, as well as honesty and transparency. We speak and act honestly, and we are confident in our ability to both challenge and be challenged.



We hold ourselves fully responsible for the long-term results and quality of our work, as well as the promises we make to our customers, partners, investors, and other stakeholders



We approach our work with humility, acknowledging the value that each individual brings, and we listen, care, and follow-through. We value people for who they are, as well as for the ideas and perspectives they bring. We cultivate caring and long-term relationships with the people we serve, as well as within our teams and communities.



We learn from our mistakes and strive to improve on a daily basis. We enthusiastically share and support ideas, as well as encourage and support one another's growth and development. We work to improve and uplift the lives of more people.



We are eager to share our knowledge and lessons learned for the benefit of all, and we actively engage with our community and make decisions in an open and transparent manner. Each of us is accountable for our own decisions and actions, and we are concerned about our impact on others


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Change Lives

We are looking for health care providers, Clinical Staff & Corporate Employees. See why working at VIVALYF is a great career choice and become engaged in your work for the welfare of communities.

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We have started with a Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring system (EZLYF) and app that bring affordability, accuracy and a variety of features to help people with diabetes.


Room No: 3, Science Complex, ASPIRE-TIDE, University of Hyderabad, Gachibowli, Hyderabad-500046
Ph: 9600080242 & 7904151877

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